4 reasons why you should renew your two-wheeler insurance online

by Derek Huizinga
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It is very important to renew your bike insurance on time as it is illegal in India to ride a two-wheeler without a valid insurance cover. However, due to our busy schedules, it can become very difficult to specially take the time and visit your insurance agent physically to get the renewal done. Nonetheless, with the advancement in technology and the tremendous accessibility that the internet provides, it has now become easier than ever before to renew your insurance and that too, from the comfort of your house!

To help you save time and effort, here are 4 really good reasons why you should renew your two-wheeler insurance online– 

  1. Compare different insurance policies  

You can easily view the different insurers and compare different policies by conveniently searching ‘renew two wheeler insurance online’ on Google. You can even compare the different IDVs quoted by various insurance companies and check the premium they ask for in return. If you are planning to avail a comprehensive insurance plan with various add-ons, it is wise to compare the resultant premium online against the peers of the insurance company and choose the plan that fits your budget perfectly.

  1. Enjoy zero commission charges 

By buying or renewing your insurance online directly from an insurance company, you essentially remove the need for an agent, which in turn removes the need for you to pay any commission, pretty easy! You can not only save yourself from paying unnecessarily high premiums but even avoid any possible misunderstandings by going online for your insurance needs.

  1. Security at its best 

Availing or renewing insurances directly from the insurance company’s website, allows you to make safe and secure transactions as it is in the company’s best interest to protect their customer’s digital identity. You can easily check your transaction’s security by viewing the SSL certificate that the website owns. Unlike handing your money to the agent who is trusted to handle it securely, you can directly deposit your hard-earned money directly into the insurance company’s account online. You even get various way to do it, from UPI to net banking to credit/debit card payments, there are plenty of safe transaction methods available for you to use.

  1. Check the insurer’s credibility

When you go to an agent for your insurance needs, you have to take their word for the credibility of the insurers. However, on the internet, you can easily get reviews and statistics about the insurance company from various different sources and conveniently compare and choose the one you find the most trustworthy. Renewing your bike insurance online also allows you to check for the claim settlement ratio and even find out how long the insurance company takes to settle claims. Having high claim settlement ratios and a low claim processing time is the sign of a credible insurer. As a general rule of thumb, do check the number of operational years an insurance company has under its belt and choose the one with a reputable number backed by proven track records. 

We hope this article helps you successfully renew your bike insurance without any extra hassles and worries.