Addison Rae Was Permanently Banned From TikTok For Literally Like A Day, So I Guess She Can Go Back To Dancing Now

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With an target target market of eighty five million, Addison Rae is the 1/3 most-observed TikToker at the app. However, that rating can also additionally extrade if her account is banned again.

Addison Rae smiling on the surest of he is all that

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Yup, you examine that correctly. Yesterday, the influencer shared a screenshot on Twitter with a word from TikTok pronouncing her “account changed into completely banned because of more than one violations of our Community Guidelines.”

Twitter: @whoisaddison / Via Twitter: @whoisaddison


It changed into uncertain which hints her account changed into flagged for, and on the time of this reporting, her final shared video changed into over an afternoon ago — an advert for the Nintendo Switch. Before then, Rae participated in a famous fashion wherein customers turn their cameras to shut in on their hips earlier than swaying to the beat of “Pocket Rocket” with the aid of using Cochise.



♬ Pocket rocket with the aid of using cochise – 03BYM

About 860 thousand customers have made films with this audio, lots of whom are collaborating withinside the identical fashion.

According to TikTok’s Community Guidelines, debts can be banned in the event that they take part in “severe” or “repeated” violations including: violent extremism, hateful behavior, unlawful sports and controlled goods, violent and picture content, risky acts together with self-harm, harassment and bullying, grownup nudity and sexual sports, and moves in opposition to minor safety.
The TikTok emblem out of doors of a building

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“Well time to get a job,” the 21-year-antique joked approximately the news.

Addison blowing a kiss at the same time as posing for pix on the surest of he is all that

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Rae’s account is now visible, however she has but to put up anything.

As a ways as job-looking goes, Rae should have leaned again on her multi-movie agreement with Netflix, to be able to land her in each appearing and generating roles.

Instagram: @addisonraee / Via Instagram: @addisonraee

The deal changed into penned after the debut of her movie He’s All That, a gender-swapped remix of the 1999 cult conventional She’s All That.

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