Desert Safari Dubai – A Paradise for Travelers

morning desert safari

Desert safari is the natural asset of the land of palms -Dubai. The eccentric shopping opportunities, the astonishing views of skyscrapers, and the breathtaking natural landscapes of Dubai make it a busy tourist attraction. Your visit to Dubai can’t be considered fulfilled if you haven’t seen its heritage conservation reserve. 

It’s a whole new world situated in the southern region of the UAE and carries diversions to experience the adventure of a lifetime. A visit to desert safari Dubai is a complete package of thrill, adventure, entertainment, inspiration, and discovery. Not just that, you can choose a travel guide to the Arabian dunes which offers you to visit it during different landscapes of nature and comes with relevant deals.

So, let’s unfold the amazing happenings at a desert safari in Dubai which make it an ultimate paradise for travellers. 

What Makes Desert Safari in Dubai a Perfect Paradise for Travelers

  1. Exclusive Sightseeing Like Nowhere Else

The golden terrain of UAE keeps a diversity to portray its visitors the transitioning complexions of different times of the day. You can witness scenic views of the mesmerizing sunset in a morning tour to a desert safari in Dubai. An evening tour is opted by those who want to get bathed in the cantaloupe of dusk when the sunset begins. Star at the galactic giant blue sky dipping the desert in the indigo of night in an overnight desert safari. You have lots of amenities to ask for at this wonderful vista of exquisite landscape. 

  1. A Legit Roller Coaster Ride at Terrain

The red dunes of safari keep a mind-blowing chance for you to go crazy in their vicinity via Dune Bashing. It’s an insane adventure you get to experience there in which you are belted in a 4×4 dune bashing vehicle and lose control over highs and lows of the sloppy dunes like a roller coaster ride. Go for a hummer if you want the safest drift on terrain. Other dune bashing vehicles installed at desert safari Dubai are a land cruiser and rover, jeep wrangler, and dune buggy which also make this crazy sand sport an enthralling one. These terrain vehicles are driven by expert licensed drivers who are champions in their skill.

  1. Enthralling Sand Amenities

Other exciting sand sports are quad biking and fat bicycling, sandboarding, and a reckless camel ride. Quad bike is also a 4×4 which can take two riders at a time and is equally enthralling as that of dune bashing. Fat bikes can be driven by only one person and for those who keep a true daredevil knack. Sandboarding is an amusing sand activity in which you surf the high dunes using a hoverboard. It’s a safe means of spreading laughter on the faces of children, teens, and people with high spirits.

  1. Dynamic Colors of Arabia

The stage of live shows and entertainment sets after the sundown in the middle of golden dunes. There are several mind-blowing performances portrayed by the tremendous artists of Dubai to entertain their guests to the fullest. Enjoy the spiritual Tanura show depicted by the mystics cloaking in colourful attires. The fire show is pretty enthralling and insane in which the firemen dance by using rings and sharp rods as anchors. Hum on the melodious Arabian folk music which is truly soul-refreshing and harmonious to the ears. The energetic Zumba dance and traditional stick dance are other contemporary activities that are depicted at a desert safari in the highest and brightest colours. 

  1. Wonderful Cultural Aspect

The beautifully preserved culture of Arabia awaits you in the middle of Arabian dunes to meet it and get inspired. Get fascinated by the amazing falconry which is the heritage sport of the UAE. The majestic falcons show little stunts by sweeping and luting in the sand. The national birds of Arabia are trained to do so by their masters so that they could get their food. The ancient Arabs used to train their falcons for hunting purposes. Other inspiring features of desert safari include henna printing in various Arabic patterns which excites women and kids. Get dressed in folk Arabian attires and click your new nomadic look. Exploring the cultural aspects of this golden land of Dubai is a heartwarming experience. 

  1. The Aromatized Meal

Blessing his taste buds with the heavenly flavours of local eatables is what a travel enthusiast loves the most about certain places of his ventures. Desert safari will become one of those favourite spots of yours where your inner foodie satisfies his cravings with some tasteful delights. Here you are invited to try out the classic taste of Arabian cuisines and refreshments including Arabian coffee, Pahwa with dates, tea, soft drinks, and appetizing snacks. Various veg and non-veg food items are set in the buffet to be consumed by the guests from different races and norms which they get pleased to devour in the middle of a nomad’s place.

  1. Facilities at the Campsite

The attractive camps pitched on the majestic dunes of Dubai are fully-fledged with phenomenal ambience and convenient facilities. Whether you choose private camping in the desert or pitch your own, the campsite fun at desert safari Dubai is exceptional in any case, These camps are designed in old Bedouin styles and reflect their nomadic lifestyle. However, you can absorb the traditional vibe with modern facilities. There are lovely rags, curtains, and cosy cushions are instilled in these Bedouin camps which are usually offered on a private tour, However, a standard stay at the campsite has its charms. Moreover, a separate toilet facility for his and her is also installed there.


Do your research, choose the itinerary that best fits you and unleashes the blissful prospects in the Arabian dunes. Enthralling sand sports, sightseeing of magical landscapes, and entertaining nightlife add these chances of unlimited fun and amusement to your bucket list and experience what gratitude is by visiting this traveller’s paradise.