Har Ki Dun : River, Mountains & the Magic of Valleys

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A winter wonderland and trekkers’ enjoyment, the Har Ki Doon Trek is a stairway to paradise that will make you fall for its magnificence. What makes it a charming trek is its accessibility both in summer as well as the winter season. Har Ki Dun valley is situated on the western flank of Garhwal in the Uttarkashi area is extremely famous with trekkers just as climbers. It is a stunning walk to the Har Ki Dun valley with entrancing views of the Swargarohini group of peaks. Har Ki Dun catchment zone is a significant source of the Yamuna River System and the main source of the biggest tributary of Yamuna.

It takes you through probably the most appealing high meadows and pine woods which is a treat to the eyes. During winters the snow-covered trails look entrancing as and when the sun attempts to peep behind the clouds. It’s also one of the oldest treks in the Himalayas, known as the ‘Valley of Gods’, some believe it’s the same route taken by the Pandavas in the Mahabharata on their climb to heaven. Swargarohini—the snow peak, the vision of which rules this trek bears a tradition of the legendary stairway to heaven.

A Dream-like Trek to Har Ki Doon

The primary phase of the trek starts from Sankri Village to Taluka, which is situated a ways off of 12 km from Sankri. Also, the route goes through icy pools, moraine ridges, alpine meadows, and pine and oak forests. On route to the summit, trekkers get a chance to click awesome views of the valley in-camera and find out about the basic yet amazing way of life of local people. Likewise, eyes will be interested in seeing the Brahma Kamal flower that blooms in a wonderful alpine lake called Mahinda Taal.

Best of Har Ki Dun:

It comprises staggering ancient culture, meadows, rivers, streams, mountain views, grasslands, forests, and even an alpine lake, which were just seen here. Its trail isn’t troublesome, which makes it simply a magnificent adventure particularly when it is compared with another summer trek.

It exists with heaps of new surprises. You will see that quickly when you get into the immaculate forests as’ the biodiversity of the forest is profound, and you can see the birds all over the place.

Best time to visit Har Ki Dun

With wonderful weather conditions, the Har Ki Doon Trek can be undertaken round the year, aside from the monsoons. From December to March, the region encounters ceaseless snowfall, thus, adventure enthusiasts need appropriate physical training and experience to set out toward the trek during this time. Notably, the normal temperature goes from 11°C to 2°C, despite the fact that around night temperature dips below the freezing point.

Additionally, the spring season from mid-April to June is considered the best and ideal time to take part in this expedition. As of now, the normal temperature ranges between 22°C to 10°C. 

Har Ki Doon is strongly suggested for beginners also. Everybody with great fitness and walking stamina can take this trek. Har Ki Dun trip is perhaps the most recommended journey in the Garhwal Himalayas. Subsequently, the valley of Har-ki-Dun is situated at the base, at an elevation of 3,556 meters. 

The valley is encircled by thick Pinewoods and offers the best amphitheater views of mountains, such as,

• Swargarohini, 

• Bandarpoonch, and 

• Black peak. 

In this manner, the deserted piece of land was just the same as heaven – for verdure darlings. Additionally, you can see the Black bear, Langoors, and wild boars which were the native inhabitants in this area. Subsequently, a large number of them say that the Golden eagles were additionally found in this area. This accessibility through the Govind National Park makes it wealthy in vegetation.

In contrast to other Himalayan trips, the Har Ki Doon trek deserves a unique special mention to the awe-inspiring views it offers. No doubt, this trip is a pleasure for the individuals who need to observe fascinating Himalayan flora and fauna. For city dwellers, this is an ideal getaway from everyday life. A walk on a lavish green scene along with snow patches is surely a wonderful encounter to one’s eyes and soul.