NFT Projects You Need To Know In The World Of Music

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Do you know that today artists can directly sell their art without intermediaries and their commission? Do you know that the famous Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, has the most significant credit for all this?

Non-Fungible Tokens have clearly become extremely popular in the last two years, especially in digital art and the music industry. Every day, a musician decides to token his song, album, and the like.

Tory Lanez NFT album example

One such example is the famous Tory Lanez NFTt album called the “When It’s Dark”. It was released in August 2021 and included three tracks never released before.

That same NFT album could be bought at the incredible price of $60,000. Tory Lanez, the musician, has made more than $400,000 thanks to his NFTs. These tokens were collected by a minimum of 300 fans who purchased artwork paired with one of three songs in general. 

Lanez has continued his foray into the NFT universe by becoming a co-founder of Decenter Labs. It’s an R&D centre, and project focused on creating decentralized apps on the Ethereum platform.

Kings of Leon NFT example

The famous band Kings of Leon have announced the release method for their new album called “While You See Yourself”. They were the first music band that chose to do it in Blockchain format. The final release of their album was on the blockchain-based Non-Fungible Token platform known as “Yellow Heart”.

Kings of Leon have released the album along with three types of tokens. The first token represents a special album package. The second one offers benefits for getting a lifetime front row ticket for their concerts, while the third token is meant for audiovisual art. 

3LAU NFT music album 

Besides Tory Lanez, an American DJ and electronic dance music producer, 3LAU re-realized his 2018 album in Non-Fungible Token. The EDM artist has, so far, sold 33 NFT albums. Fans from all over the world can expect to redeem their albums with numerous products. 

So, instead of choosing the best marketplace to sell their music, 3LAU has come up with an auction streamed live by Justin Lau, the artist behind the project “3LAU”, on his own Twitter account. The auction for 3LAU NFT was live for approximately 48 hours. He managed to earn $11.6 million in that auction.

Mike Shinoda NFT

Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda also introduced his Non-Fungible token. His NFT is in the form of a video clip that features his single along with rapper Iann Dion and UPSAHL. Mike also created numerous artworks in Non-Fungible Tokens, including “Happy Endings” exclusive NFT cli[ sequences. 

On his personal Twitter account, Mike Shinoda explained that Non-Fungible Token is not a music piece of a song. It’s just a token with video or audio content. If that NFT contained song became more popular, the token would become significantly more valuable. 

Which musicians are working on NFTs?

The fact that some world-famous musicians managed to earn big money from their NFT examples inspired many other musicians to start their own. So, musicians working on NFTs are Ja Rule, Shawn Mendes, IAMSOUND x Zora, etc.