Park Bunker Location: All Bunker Locations And Access Codes In COD Warzone

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Park Bunker area has been one of the maximum requested questions among the gaming community. The gamers were searching for all of the bunker places. Read

Call Of Duty Warzone has been one of the maximum a hit video games of the COD franchise. The makers have controlled to get in some of gamers with their powerful and fascinating in-sport sports. Finding the bunkers is one of these sports and the gamers were spamming questions on the same. Read greater to realize approximately the bunker places in Call Of Duty Warzone.

Park Bunker in COD Warzone

Currently, The gamers were asking quite a few questions on the bunkers in Warzone. After studying the questions, it appears that evidently the park bunker is one of the maximum hard bunkers to locate. Players were asking matters like, “in which is park bunker area in COD Warzone”. Well, we’ve picked up those questions and feature replied them for you. Here is the area of park bunker and different bunkers in Warzone.

There are a complete of 10 bunkers in COD Warzone. The park bunker is placed at the lowest of the map. Gamers want to attain the Southern a part of the map. Reach the “park” at the map after which begin transferring in the direction of the south facet of it. Once you attain the street this is placed on the border of the map, begin following it. The street will take you to a stone constructing in which the park bunker has been placed. Apart from the park bunker, right here are all of the different bunker places in COD warzone.

Bunker 1: Located close to the dam. Climb the hill placed close to the dam and look for the bunker withinside the surroundings.

Bunker 2: Take the western street fo the map. Keep searching at the left for a small stone constructing. The bunker is placed withinside the stone constructing.

Bunker 3: This bunker is simply subsequent to the second one bunker area. There are comparable stone homes. Inspect every and locate bunkers from them.

Bunker 4: Follow the Kart Track and preserve searching at the left. Just like bunker 2 and 3, you want to identify a small stone house. That will lead you to bunker 4.

Bunker 5: Located withinside the Southern a part of the map. Look for a rocky course on the stop of the cliffs. The rocky course will lead you to bunker 5.

Binker 6: Reach the “park” and circulate in the direction of the border of the map. Try and search for a stone constructing in which the bunker 6 is placed

Bunker 7: Start on foot in the direction of the Northeast facet of the Prison. Follow the moat and search for the bunker 6 alongside the cliffside.

Bunker 8: Reach the Northeast facet of the stadium. A small “production site” might be spotted. Inspect the stone homes there for bunker 8.

Bunker nine: Inspect the stone homes close to bunker 8. Bunker nine ought to be in one of the homes similar to the preceding one.

Bunker 10: Start transferring in the direction of the east of the quarry. You may spot a blocked-off tunnel with educate tracks through the stop of the map. Bunker 10 is placed above it.

Bunker codes in COD

Prison shack code: 72948531

Farmland code: 49285163

3: South Junkyard: 97264138

North Junkyard: 87624851

Park – 60274513

TV Station – 27495810