Shilhaandara Resort Guide


Shilhaandara Resort is a hub for weary travelers, adventure-seekers, and families. You’ll see beautiful landscapes surrounding this Resort, as far as your eyes can see. It offers a quiet and peaceful retreat for couples and is also an energetic getaway for adventure lovers. Shilhaandara exists to get you to understand yourself through adventures that’ll make you find your strength. Shilhaandara is located near Bangalore in Karnataka. It offers you the luxury lifestyle you always wanted to live and experience. It is known for its enchanting architecture which is inspired by ancient kingdoms that ruled Southern India. It’ll be loved by all heritage enthusiasts and adventure seekers. You’ll be mesmerized by the breathtaking scenic beauty which comes along with different activities that’ll quench your thirst for thrill and adventure. 


As it is located in one of Karnataka’s most scenic locations it also gives you the liberty to choose your experience, that is, by choosing the type of suite you wanna be in. From luxurious holiday cottages to pocket-friendly rooms, you’ll enjoy the peaceful and charming view in Shilhaandara with a majestic and magnificent picture of granite hills at your doorstep. You can choose from different options below-


These premium rooms are stunning and spacious, and not to mention, luxurious. The perfect place for you to come back to after living an adventurous day. 

Key features of these rooms include a private swimming pool and minibar to name a few. 

Room tariff ranges from Rs 8500-11000.


These Jacuzzi rooms blend luxury with comfort. It is pure bliss. You can enjoy the comforts of a king-size bed, the luxurious décor, an ultra-modern bathroom, and a private heated jacuzzi for the ultimate relaxation after a long tiring day full of thrill and adventure. 

Key features include Premium Chef’s Amenities, a private jacuzzi, and even an electronic safe. 

Room tariff ranges from Rs 7000-9500.

Standard room:

Don’t go by the name here, these standard rooms are equally luxurious and as spacious. They are very pocket-friendly but you can still enjoy all the classy and luxurious experiences. 

Key features include a Large King-size Bed, Air-conditioned rooms, and Premium fast internet services. 

Room tariff ranges from Rs 5500-8000.

Tent stay:

To add more memories to your adventurous experience, you should go for a stay in the tents. The perfect one for you to lay under the stars and relax, blow your worries away and take a break from the daily hustle. Soak yourself in the murmurs of night and granite hills as they lull you to a peaceful sleep. 

Key features include a Private tent, welcome drinks, and access to premium Chef’s amenities. 



• All indoor games such as Carom, Dart, Table Tennis, Chess, etc. 

• Rain dance for thirty minutes with DJ. 

• Outdoor games include beach volleyball, cycling, tug of war, cricket, kite flying, bow and arrow, caterpillar, etc. 

• Quad bike

• PaintballPaintball

• Rope course

• Billiards

• Gear bicycles

• Zorbing ball

• Bungy Trampoline

• Zipline

• Enjoy the natural beauty

 Precautions and Essentials

• Wear light and comfortable clothes. 

• ID proof is a very important essential for all. 

• Listen to the professionals before going for adventure sport. 

• Take some water and some food along with yourself.

•Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 

•Carry raincoats, jackets, first aid, and some extra clothes for emergencies.

• Carry minimum weight. 

• Don’t litter. 

•  Take care of your luggage. 

• Carry your medicines if any. 

• Bring your camera and mobile phones at your own risk. 

• Don’t endanger your life by trying to click risky pictures. 

Shilhaandara draws inspiration from the nature and heritage of Ancient kingdoms that were established in Southern India. Shilhaandara means “rocky cavern”, it is justified as soon as you enter the property. The stories of these kingdoms are still remembered by the local people. As a heritage resort, Shilhaandara lets you find the true essence of adventure. You will find yourself traveling back in time and will be hearing stories about these ancient kingdoms. The hospitality of the staff in the resort has been appreciated by every customer and the services are exceptional as well. It’s your ticket to a getaway from stressful city life and comes back as fresh as a new leaf with the experience of luxury, comfort, and thrill.