The Best Dog-Friendly Activities in Charlotte

The Best Dog-Friendly Activities in Charlotte

Charlotte is a city that splits its time evenly indoors and out.  This is perfect for a pup owner who wants to explore a new area but doesn’t want to have to leave their best friend holed up in a hotel or back home in the city they came from.

These are some of the best pup-friendly activities anyone can enjoy in Charlotte, and why this city is a fantastic travel destination for anyone! 

Make Friends at the Mary Warner Mack Dog Park

To break into the city, it’s time to head to one of the best dog parks in the country!  With spaces for everything from swimming to running as fast as their legs can carry them, dogs love the off-leash trails and walking areas, and owners adore the chance to get some fresh air while their dog gets to be wild and have fun.

Although this park is only open in the afternoon, it’s an awesome place to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Charlotte while also getting to have fun with your pup.

Bars and Barks for Drinking and Fun

Charlotte is geared towards having a good time whenever possible: and a large part of that is ensuring you can drink and party while still having a great time with your dog!  If you have a dog in tow and don’t want to leave it in a hotel, you can take your dog to almost any indoor-outdoor bar in the city as long as you sit outside!  Many even have free water and treats for local dogs so you can get the most out of the weather and fun!  This is a great chance to feel welcomed by the city and its people.

Play And Walk Around Lake Wylie

If you need a break from looking at Charlotte houses for sale and are ready for one of the gorgeous walks in the area: it’s time to head around Lake Wylie.  Although you do have to keep a leash on your dog at all times because of the endless wildlife here, your dog will love the chance to see animals it’s never seen before and experience nature in its purest form.  

The water views, and beautiful cleared pathways, make this a perfect early-morning walking trail for anyone who wants to get some extra steps first thing in the morning. 

Check Out the U.S. National Whitewater Center

This not-for-profit recreation and outdoor athletic training area for whitewater rafting can be thrilling to visit.  You can’t take your dog into the boats, but if you want to walk your dog around here and have them enjoy some thrilling views and see people having the time of their lives, this is great!  For owners, there’s rafting and ziplines available, and for pups, there are wading pools and endless walking trails to explore! 

There’s Nowhere Else Like Charlotte for Dogs!

If you want to travel somewhere exciting and make the most out of your trip with your dog at your side, it’s time to travel to Charlotte.  This city will leave you stunned and ready to come back for trip after trip!