Tips to buy a banarasi saree online

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Banarasi sarees are  an important component of India’s rich cultural heritage. Banarasi sarees have been a source of pride for every Indian woman since the Mughal era. However In recent years, low-cost duplicate versions of Banarasi sarees have made their way into Indian marketplaces.These low-quality sarees can fool a naive customer into thinking they’re the real deal.

It’s easy to recognise a real banarasi saree while buying from a shop but when you are shopping online there are some practical techniques to verify a saree’s authenticity.

Use these professional tips from Quresia  to ensure that you only buy genuine quality Banarasi sarees online: 

Sometimes Cost really matter

Pure Banarasi Silk sarees are relatively expensive due to the use of high-quality silk and zari threads produced from gold and silver alloys. Original Banarasi sarees are costly because weaving on a handloom is a time-consuming process .So, if you see a cheap Banarasi saree, it’s probably a fake. 

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God lies in detail

The saree’s fine details will reveal whether it is a genuine Banarasi saree or not. Mughal-inspired weaving motifs such as the Amru, Ambi, and Domak will commonly appear on pure banarasi silk sarees. It could also feature zari floral and foliage themes like kalga and bel. These patterns are difficult to locate on replica sarees so you will not find these fine motifs on duplicate sarees.

Check out photographs

When making an online purchase, you’ll have to rely on photographs of the saree. Look for a lengthy area of six to eight inches of plain silk on the pallu in the close-up shot. 

Research before buying

Before you spend a lot of money on a Banarasi saree, Check the seller’s social media accounts and internet reviews to make sure they have a good reputation and only offer genuine Banarasi sarees.

Look for a unique indication mark

Every Banarasi saree made of pure silk has its own G.I. mark (Geographical Indication). The Indian government has awarded weavers an Intellectual Property right to distinguish a Banarasi saree from the areas in which it was manufactured. According to the provision, real Banarasi silk sarees are handcrafted only in Jaunpur, Bhadohi, Varanasi, Mirzapur, Chandauli, and Azamgarh and they all have their own G.I. marks. As a result, double-check for the mark at all times.

A reputed website will provide comprehensive and reliable product information. Make sure you spend your money on the real banarasi saree from a store like Quresia, which offers a large selection of genuine handloom banarasi silk sarees and other unique goods at great prices.