What is Horse Betting?


There are no easier options to bet on horses in real life, but when it comes to online betting, there’s plenty of good reasons. Betting online is easy and offers quick payouts for less hassle, presenting many benefits over the alternatives.

It is widely accepted that placing bets on horse racing online is the best way. Lakhs of people are utilising horse racing betting sites because they feel confident they can’t be wrong.

With questions aplenty about online horse racing betting, there are also people who don’t know what to do or how to do it. We’re here to answer all of these questions with India’s leading e-gaming platform – AIO Games. AIO Games is serving multiple games with cash contests and what’s more. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about putting money on horse races online. 

The game of Horse Racing, traditionally popular in India and played by generations, has now been online. It is a game that can be enjoyed by adults with an internet on their mobile devices, who can play and win real cash on the AIO Games—on top of a nostalgic novelty!

India’s e-gaming platform, AIO Games is hosting multiple games with cash prizes and one of its cool features is that it caters to those people who take these events quite seriously.

From poker to horse racing betting, there is a wide range of games that have become popular in recent years. Now AIO Games are here to introduce horse racing games so you can cash in on your skills and win big. AIO Games is adding more games for betting on Horse Racing and you can now place your bets on new types of events. The Indian horse racing market is now certified by the government of India and has a large number of bettors. With AIO Games, you can easily enjoy horse racing.

With modern betting options Indian Horse Racing, you can find your horse racing cash contests on AIO Games, where you can play card games, board games and fantasy. Now that they have introduced a dedicated app for android/iOS platforms, you can get the game for free.

Why is AIO Games India’s first leading platform to race horses?

The number of people aged 18 and above, who use the AIO Games application is increasing day by day. People with age limits ranging from 18 to almost 60 can find lucrative games on the AIO platform.

Your Indian Odds is the official horse racing destination for western parts of the globe, now recently Horse Racing is getting all much attention and AIO Games humbly takes this opportunity to be the pioneer.

You can place bets on the Indian horse racing market with AIO Games platform, and earn money by winning or placing your bets. AIO Games is an exclusive and proud gaming platform that is offering multiple games to players with the introduction of Indian Horse Racing, which has the making of a perfect combination. Horse racing is the latest ongoing craze in India. Here is your chance to make some money off this phenomenon as it speeds up and sometimes even falls flat.

Reasons to use AIO Games for horse racing

With a variety of games and now with horse racing, AIO Games is one of the best online gaming platform. Let’s take a look at why they’re the best online gaming platform by breaking down why you should use AIO Games as a platform. The only company to partner with Royal Western India Turf Club is with AIO Games.

Feed for updates is updated often to ensure that you are playing in high demand sports games. With a new update, AIO Games is speeding up the game process so that there aren’t any delays.

Withdrawing your winnings is catching on as one of the most important parts of the e-gaming business. Still, in many cases, this part isn’t being done great justice by even some big players.

On the AIO App, the user can place bets on horse racing with Indian horse racing bets. No matter what your personal interest is, you too can enjoy betting on horses. The platform has all the necessary tools and entertainment in tow, so you don’t even have to wait a minute before getting started.

Download the AIO Games app and play your way to big bucks. The game engine uses the latest technology to deliver new levels in real time, and allow you to win bigger payouts than ever before.

The Indian Supreme Court recognizes Horse betting as a game of skill rather than luck. This recognition has increased the popularity of the sport in India since the rule was established in 1996.

The 6 Turf Authorities in India are authorised by the government to conduct horse race activities. Horse racing is a legally and regulated industry, so if someone feels it’s “bogus” or “illegal” they’re completely wrong.

As horse racing finds its feet in India, many betting, fantasy and horse race apps have begun to organise real life horse races online or include bets on horse races.

AIO Games is India’s only platform with multi-gaming skills, which is rewarding and has the potential to win real money – cash bonuses and much more.

AIO Games is welcoming horse racing to their platform and is offering round the clock action for those passionate about horse racing. So, why wait!

Indian Derby Horse Racing is live right at your fingertips with AIO Games. Watch the action on the go using the app and don’t forget to book a weekend of thrill and fun.

Steps for live streaming: Download the AIO Games app, go to RWITC Horse Racing, click on the live stream, and you’re ready.

Let’s look at why AIO Games is a trusted and experienced platform who offers multiple games. Now that the company has become available in horse racing, they are providing their customers with ways to win BIG.